Monday, 29 January 2018

The Magic of Tidying Up!

After my moth attack, I did some tiding up around the house and had several bags of goods which I dropped off at my local Op Shop. I never go there usually because my family have forbidden me from browsing other people's discarded things. They have this crazy idea that I will end up bringing home an antique side table, matching chairs, two man sized lamps and a boot-full of fabrics that my DH will have to somehow stash in the garage. They are constantly thwarting my great ideas and love for antiques in this way. But this weekend, I managed to sneak out whilst they were all distracted, under the guise of a hairdressing appointment .. and I struck gold!
This is 5 metres of Chintz, and it's so new that it still has all it's shine. It's never been washed. It even has that new fabric smell. I don't have many blue ideas, design wise, but I'm already seeing lots of possibilities with this fabric. I feel like I want to cover a chair with this fabric, or perhaps make a broderie perse version of On My Window, Flowers Bloom?  It's gorgeous. The flower heads include large vintage roses, parrot tulips, daisies, bell shaped flowers and more.
Right now, I just want to admire it for a while and let an idea find it's way to me.

My DD recently lectured me on the magic of 'tidying up' (aren't grown up children insufferable sometimes?!), and whilst I ignored her at the time, I must admit, she might be right. What a pay off!


  1. A fantastic find and I am sure it was a bargain. I hope your family appreciate how much money you saved.

  2. LOL Yes grown up children are insufferable, especially if you are the only parent left they can harass!! love them dearly but sometimes! What Gorgeous Fabric, I have some pieces of chintz, I should do one of these beautiful quilts of yours with some of it. Take care and Happy Creating from Iowa

  3. Such a great find - you must be thrilled!

  4. All I can say is WOW! What a great find. I must admit I am also guilty of shopping right after dropping off donations, and have sometimes found a small piece of vintage fabric.

  5. Lucky you! I find it is best to sneak out when other family members aren't looking!

  6. Superb! Sometimes it works to sneek off.


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